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For the last 21 years, I’ve photographed, branded, and directed creative solutions for large corporations and local businesses, alike.

Now, I love nurturing the creative process in others and helping courageous human people connect, capture, and create authentic personal brands.

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Family owned


I'm Aaron, and I created Bent Barn Studio with my Mom, (Velda) in loving memory of my Dad, (Jerry).

Thanks to his influence, I have a love for collaborative projects, organic growth, and old red barns.


creative s products, services, & expertise

for helpers, healers, & creators,


It's a wild new world with endless opportunities to create something new and improved.

In fact, there's a growing movement dreamers and doers helping to create positive changes with their ideas, products, services, and causes.

They're building improved processes and systems, including holistic products and services to help create improved health, wealth, and happiness for themselves and their world around them.

They wear labels like:  teacher, healer, artist, and helper. 

They value collaboration, creativity, and change, and they're focused on creating tools, processes, art, and taking action to help and heal.

If this is YOU, and you're looking for a creative partner to help you grow—let me know! :D


Good growing

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson