Bent Barn Studio

About the Business

Hi, I'm Aaron, and at the end of 2015 I quit my (then) 20+ year corporate career to follow my bliss; start building my own brand and create more of my own things.

Velda Embrey & Aaron Embrey, owners of Bent Barn Studio

Velda Embrey & Aaron Embrey, owners of Bent Barn Studio

My amazing Mom (and Bent Barn Studio partner)Velda Embrey, spent the first 20 years of her career in banking.

Then, she was a bookkeeper for a small, local business for another 20 years before they closed their doors in 2012.

I couldn’t be happier that Mom was willing to retire from her retirement to help me manage Bent Barn Studio.

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About the Name: past


Once upon a time, in a life very far away, a MUCH younger version of myself made the decision to quit another comfortable, corporate job to start their own photography business…

Back then, it was called Bent Focus Photography.

I called it “BENT” because my path was winding (and not always clear) nor *ahem* focused, interestingly…

It was also BENT because I’ve always loved the inevitable imperfections in the things we imperfect humans create… BENT but not broken.

Bent Focus was my first real business, and I wanted it to be something real great… Alas, ’twas... Not.

It was a failed attempt at most everything.

Of course, I learned valuable lessons from that experience.

And of course, I grew and changed, and Bent Focus “successes” and “failures”, lead me down this path to Bent Barn Studio... 



About the Name: present


My Dad was in his seventies when he built a big, red barn in his suburban backyard. 

He had an idea to bring his rural roots to his suburban home.

So, he envisioned it, designed it, and built it.

He organized his plans and took action to make it happen.

AND he also rested and asked for help when he needed it.

Mostly, he showed up and took persistent and consistent action in order to change his idea for a rustic suburban barn into real thing.

Over the last several years of his life he encouraged me to escape again from the sticky corporate net (again).

My Dad thought I should face those fears of uncertainty and venture out on my own (again)…

He would ask me, “How could you possibly fail?”

Not long after my dad's passing in November 2015, I decided it was time to blaze a new trail for myself (again)…

And that first idea/seed for Bent Barn Studio was planted…