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Bent Barn Studio

Hi, I'm Aaron, and I help people create and capture the essence of their personal brand with custom photography and brand identities

I also love to ignite new project ideas and catalyze the creative process working 1:1 and in small group workshops.

At the end of 2015, I quit my, then 20+ year (mainly) corporate, in-house, creative services, career.

I wanted to start building my own brands and creating more of my own things.

My amazing Mom (and Bent Barn Studio partner)Velda Embrey, spent the first 20 years of her career in banking. She was a bookkeeper for a small, local business for another 20 years before they closed their doors in 2012.

I couldn’t be happier (or more blessed) that Mom was willing to retire from her retirement to help me manage Bent Barn Studio.

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About the Name



Once upon a time, in a land & life (not-so-very) far away, a younger version of myself made the decision to quit their comfortable, corporate job.

I was young and ambitious, so set out on my own to create something new

Back then, that new thing was called Bent Focus Photography.

It was BENT because the path was winding, and not always clear... nor —*ahem*focused, interestingly…

And it was also BENT because I’ve always loved the inevitable imperfections in the imperfect things we imperfect humans create…

So, Bent Focus was my first real business, and thus, I wanted it to be something real great…

Alas, ’twas...


It was a failed attempt. And it wasn’t time for Bent Focus Photography (or for me) to grow or thrive in the ways we (I) needed to grow or thrive.

So, less than a year after leaving my old day job behind, I found myself back in the (safety?) net of full-time, corporate employment...


And of course, I learned valuable lessons from my experiences of starting, running, and quitting my first real photography business.

And of course, I DID grow, and those little things like, “successes” and “failures”, lead me down the path towards Bent Barn Studio... 



My Dad was in his seventies when he built a big, red barn in his suburban backyard. 

He had an idea to bring his rural roots to his suburban home.

So, he envisioned it, designed it, and built it.

He organized his plans and took action.

He also rested and asked for help when he needed it.

Mostly, he showed up and took persistent and consistent action in order to change his idea for a rustic suburban Barn from ethereal idea to real thing.

Over the last several years of his life he would always encourage me to escape from that sticky corporate net (again), face those fears of uncertainty and venture out on my own (again)…

He would ask, “How could you possibly fail?”

So, not long after my dad's passing at the end of 2015, I decided (and my Mom wholeheartedly agreed) the time had come for me to blaze a new trail (again)…

And the first idea/seed for Bent Barn Studio was planted…


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Velda Embrey and Aaron Embrey, owners of Bent Barn Studio

Velda Embrey and Aaron Embrey, owners of Bent Barn Studio