We are Bent Barn Studio

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Aaron Embrey

That’s me! Hello! I'm the human person behind these words.

I love capturing the heart of actual moments. Mostly, I love connecting with real people and their brands and helping them create their things.

I also write about & share my own ideas about identity, courage, and the creative process on my personal blog.


Velda Embrey

Without her feats of organizational marvel, Bent Barn Studio wouldn't be a thing at all.

She says cool things like, “YES!” and “Go for it!” and “What are they going to do? EAT YOU?“

Always my #1 fan, she believes in me, and makes things happen.

Check out her personal project!


Pixel embrey

Official barnyard dog and critter wrangler.

Paid handsomely in belly rubs and homemade treats.