We’re Bent Barn Studio

Velda Embrey and Aaron Embrey.jpg

Aaron Embrey

That’s me! Hello! I'm the human person behind these words.

Mostly, I love capturing the heart of actual moments and the souls of real people and their brands, in photography.

I'm also sharing my own ideas about identity, courage, and the creative process.


Velda Embrey

Without her feats of organizational marvel, Bent Barn Studio wouldn't be a thing at all.

She says cool things like, “YES!” and “Go for it!” and “What are they going to do? EAT YOU?

She believes in me and always has a way of making things happen.

Check out her personal project!


Pixel embrey

Official Barnyard dog and critter wrangler.

Paid handsomely in belly rubs and homemade treats.