Family owned

A Little More About Us…

I’m Aaron, and I created Bent Barn Studio with my Mom, Velda, in honor of my Dad, Jerry in 2015.

Thanks to him, I have a love for collaboration, organic growth, & old red barns. And sometimes, even courage enough to start, experiment, & make something new…


Aaron Embrey

Partner, Photographer & Designer

I love capturing the heart of humans & their ideas in photos. Mostly, I love connecting with real people to help them create their brands & other projects.

I also share my own ideas about identity, courage, and the creative process on my personal blog.


Velda Embrey

Partner, Office Manager

Without her feats of organizational marvel, Bent Barn Studio wouldn’t be a thing, at all.

She says cool things like, “YES!” and “Go for it!” and “What are they going to do? EAT YOU?“

Check out her personal project!


Pixel embrey

Official barnyard dog and critter wrangler.

Paid handsomely in belly rubs and homemade treats.